Suicide can happen anywhere & at any workplace!

We all want to prevent these tragic losses, but when it happens it causes confusion, traumatises staff, affects morale and productivity.


Did you know?

Do you know how to effectively support staff and manage this type of incident?

I can help your staff to be prepared by providing resources and training that’s endorsed by the ACWA.

Professional supervision is essential regardless of what field you’re working in

  • It helps you reflect on your practice to
  • better understand issues you’re grappling with
  • find workable strategies,
  • develop professionally
  • sustain you in the thrust of busy and sometimes difficult work

Enhance supervision and training services

  • evidence & strengths based
  • client-centred
  • trauma informed
  • best practice
  • contemporary
  • affordable


I would defiantly recommend this course to all businesses and organisations, even workers so they have an understanding of the steps required should a suicide happen in their workplace.




This training workshop has lots of de-identified real scenarios, gives insight into the large number of staff who could be impacted and what strategies can assist to support staff and manage incidents.


Police Officer


Cheryl’s skills, expertise and knowledge all provided in a non-judgemental and non-pretentious way have been truly professional. Her compassion, patience and gentle nature with guidance and sometimes sage advice has been the anchor required to hold me and help me develop in what can be a challenging role.

Rose Hogan